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Catalonians cast votes for regional parliamentarian elections

Catalonians cast votes for regional parliamentarian elections

Eligible Catalonian voters headed to polling stations on Sunday to elect 135 representatives in the local parliament. Outcomes of the elections speculated to be vaguest in history region due to decline in separatist momentum.

Some 2,600 polling stations across the region opened their doors at 9 a.m. for the 5.7 million eligible voters. Around 7300 police officer have been dispatched to ensure smooth-sailing electoral process.

Eight political parties are vying for seats at parliament; The Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party, People’s Party, VOX, Comuns Sumar, The Republican Left of Catalonia, Together for Catalonia, The Popular Unity Candidacy, and Ciudadanos.

The major question presiding over this round of elections is whether separatists, who once reigned over the scene, will remain on top.

Opinion polls indicated that socialists party will be gaining most votes, whereas the Popular Unity (leftists separatist headed by former president Carles Puigdemont), gained significant popularity over past few days.

eparatist party rhetoric focused on continuing work to achieve independence from Spain while socialists adopted a more reformative approach speaking of bettering health and education services as well as improving region economy, and rightest parties took on an aggressive outlook regarding illegal migrants and religious minorities.

These elections are expected to witness major abstention rates. The last elections of 2021 saw a participation rate of 51.3 percent.

Source: Kuwait News Agency