CETL in SQU Opens

The Centre of Excellence in Teaching &

Learning (CETL) at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) was officially

opened at a ceremony held under the patronage of Dr. Ali bin Saud

al-Bimani, SQU Vice Chancellor.

CETL seeks to provide services to academic faculty, thus enhancing

the quality of teaching and learning first at SQU, then at both public

and private higher education institutions nationally. CETL also makes

visible the intellectual work of teaching while recognizing excellent

Faculty Fellows across the SQU Colleges.

In his address on the occasion, Prof. Amer al-Rowas, SQU Deputy

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs & Community Service, said that

the decision to establish the CETL, which was issued on June 18,

2014, is primarily intended to meet the needs of various colleges at

SQU to improve the level of teaching and learning.

Since its inception, the CETL has stimulated teaching and learning in

higher education through the applications of the best teaching and

learning strategies based on research and scientific evidence. During

the past three years, the CETL has hosted a number of international

speakers, held scientific workshops, organized conferences and panel

discussions for researchers and specialists and provided resources

related to teaching and learning in the 21st century, he said.

Prof. Thuwayba al-Barwani, Director of the CETL, said that the

Faculty Fellows Program of the CETL recognizes faculty who use

excellent teaching and learning strategies derived from classroom-

based research and who will be trained to act as college and program

consultants. The Faculty Fellows of the CETL are expected to conduct

peer consultation; promote teaching excellence; develop outcome-

based learning objectives; promote innovation in teaching; and

promote student success along with other tasks, she said.

Source: Oman News Agency