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China Opposes US Tariffs Hike on Imports

China Opposes US Tariffs Hike on Imports

China firmly opposes and lodges solemn representations over the further increase of additional tariffs on some Chinese goods by the US, and will take resolute measures to safeguard its own rights and interests, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce said in a statement.

China is strongly dissatisfied with the US abuse of the Section 301 tariff review procedure driven by domestic political concerns and its increase of additional tariffs on certain Chinese products.

The US tariff hike goes against the consensus reached by Chinese President Xi Jinping with his US counterpart Joe Biden, and will seriously affect the atmosphere of bilateral cooperation, said the statement.

The US side should immediately rectify its wrongdoing and remove the additional tariff measures against China, it said.

The tariffs announced on Tuesday will hit an estimated $18 billion worth of imports, targeting strategic sectors such as electric vehicles, batteries, steel, and metals, the White House said.

The White House explained in a state
ment that the tariff rate on electric vehicles is scheduled to increase four times, reaching 100% this year, while the rate of duties on semiconductors will be raised from 25% to 50% by 2025.

Source: Qatar News Agency