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Citizens Reject Sabotage, Lack of Respect for the Law

Citizens Reject Sabotage, Lack of Respect for the Law

Muscat, A number of Omani citizens today expressed their rejection and dismay about actions undertaken by persons who joined youth gatherings in the city of Sohar, Governorate of North Al Batinah.

The sit-ins were organized with the purpose of tackling the issue of employment, but some of those who participated in the gatherings assaulted policemen, by-passers and road users. They blocked roads and vandalized public and private properties in a flagrant violation of the Basic Law of the State, which states that “Safe life is a guaranteed right for every human being and that the State has a duty to establish law and order and provide tranquility for all”.

The quoted citizens affirmed that the action of saboteurs counteract and contradict the benign values of Omani society and constitute a breakaway from the state of calm and commitment that prevailed over the past days.

Similar views and pleas for calm and respect for the law echoed across social media networks, requesting the gathering youth not to get involved in action that target those tasked with maintaining law and order or transgressing properties or hampering public liberties of citizens and residents. “Such actions are an unacceptable means of staging demands or attaining goals,” said the citizens in their social network messages.

Meanwhile, the Royal Oman Police (ROP) performed its duties in keeping law and order, securing the safety of citizens and residents and ensuring normalcy and respect for freedoms.

Source: Oman News Agency