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Coffee Molecule Keeps Muscles Young: Study

Coffee Molecule Keeps Muscles Young: Study

A breakthrough study led by Nestlé Research in Switzerland and the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore (NUS Medicine), has uncovered the muscle-boosting potential of trigonelline, a natural molecule found in coffee, fenugreek, and the human body.

Collaborating with several international universities, the research addresses sarcopenia, a condition causing muscle deterioration with age.

The team found that trigonelline levels decrease in older adults with sarcopenia.

By administering trigonelline in pre-clinical models, they observed increased levels of NAD+, a vital cellular cofactor that declines with age, alongside enhanced mitochondrial activity, crucial for maintaining muscle function.

The study highlights the potential of trigonelline as a novel NAD+ precursor, suggesting promising interventions for healthy aging and age-related diseases.

Assistant Professor Vincenzo Sorrentino emphasized the significance of these findings for longevity research.

The research, published
in Nature Metabolism, signifies a step forward in understanding muscle health during aging and underscores the importance of nutrition and physical activity in maintaining muscle vitality.

Source: Oman News Agency