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Colombian President: Netanyahu committed genocide

Colombian President: Netanyahu committed genocide

Jerusalem – Together – Colombian President Gustavo Petro said that history will record Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a “perpetrator of genocide.”

Petro added in a post on the ‘X’ platform, after Netanyahu accused him of ‘anti-Semitism,’ directing his speech to Netanyahu, ‘Throwing bombs on thousands of innocent children, women, and the elderly does not make you a hero. You stand side by side with those who killed millions of Jews.’ in Europe”.

President Petro stressed that ‘just as the genocide committed against the Jewish people in Nazi Europe is unacceptable, the current genocide against the Palestinian people is also unacceptable,’ explaining, ‘I am a secularist, a republican, and a supporter of ordinary people. My democratic, ordinary, secular and religious principles lead me to reject “Netanyahu’s genocide and inhuman barbarism.”

He stressed, “I am neither anti-Semitic nor an enemy of humanity, but if Gaza dies, the meanings of humanity die with it as well.”

It is noteworthy that Colom
bia officially announced the severing of its diplomatic relations with Israel due to its continued aggression against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

Source: Maan News Agency