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Covid-19 Supreme Committee Members Visit Immunization Centre at SQSC

Covid-19 Supreme Committee Members Visit Immunization Centre at SQSC

Muscat, Members of the Supreme Committee tasked with tackling developments resulting from coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic today visited the immunization centre at Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex (SQSC) to have a close look at the process of vaccination of target segments against Covid-19 as part of the ongoing National Immunization Campaign.

The committee members listened to a briefing about the procedures set from the start of registration of target segments to the moment of vaccination. They were updated about the mechanisms of coordination and reception of entitled groups, as well as precautionary measures undertaken. They commended the resolute turnout of citizens and residents who came forward to take the vaccine.

Dr. Abdullah Nasir al-Harrasi, Minister of Information and member of the Supreme Covid-19 Committee, pointed out that the visit aims to follow-up the implementation of the anti-Covid-19 Immunization Plan.

The minister told Oman News Agency (ONA) that the Supreme Committee took note of the efforts exerted by the specialized medical teams of the Ministry of Health and other health establishments to administer the vaccine as scheduled in the Vaccination Plan.

In this context, Dr. Abdullah said, “During the visit, we observed a highly organized process of immunization undertaken by working groups and great cooperation from segments of society.”

“The Supreme Committee urges all target segments to take the vaccine to protect themselves, their families and society from this disease,” said Dr. Abdullah, who stressed that taking the vaccine is the most efficient way of securing self-protection. He also underscored the significance of individuals’ commitment to the measures announced by the authorities concerned, including adherence to social distancing and avoiding all sorts of assembling.

“Undoubtedly, many commercial and economic activities around the world have been seriously impacted by procedures undertaken by countries for protection against this dangerous disease, and the Sultanate is no exception. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Oman has undertaken elaborate measures that maintained a balance between public health and business activities. Experts predict that the whole world will shift between closure and opening of business activities till such a time that the vaccine shows positive results in overcoming the disease,” said Dr. Abdullah.

“Operating under close follow-up by His Majesty Sultan Haitham Bin Tarik, we now witness the unfolding of a great plan of safe vaccination that covers all segments of society,” said Dr. Abdullah.

In the meantime, the minister cautioned against entertaining widespread rumours pervading the whole world about vaccines. Scientists who are well-versed in epidemiology affirm that what is circulating about vaccines and immunizations is totally baseless and void of truth, said the minister, who underlined that the real danger is that believing these rumours increases chances of the pandemic proliferation.

“Many of those who believed the rumours caught the disease or transferred it to their family members, thereby causing immense suffering, culminating in death in many instances. This would have otherwise been avoidable if all ignored rumours and if all target segments took initiatives in accordance with the National Immunization Plan,” said Dr. Abdullah.

Source: Oman News Agency