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CSB President issues instructions on flexible working hours system

CSB President issues instructions on flexible working hours system

Following the Cabinet’s approval of adopting the flexible working hours system across ministries and government agencies to provide employees with a three-hour window to begin their workday to increase productivity, Civil Service Bureau (CSB) President, Ahmed bin Zayed Al-Zayed, issued Edict (1) of 2023 on CSB’s instructions regarding the attendance and departure system in government agencies.

The instructions aim to set unified and fair attendance and departure rules for employees working in government agencies to improve and increase productivity, as well as create comfortable and convenient working environment.

Al-Zayed indicated that the instructions clarify the procedures and measures necessary to implement the flexible working hours system in a way that contributes to organising work and providing integrated data and reports that enable decision-makers to follow up on the attendance and departure system in those entities in an accurate and comprehensive manner.

He said that government agencies should instruct employees to adhere to the specified official working hours, while maintaining the provision of government services to the public quickly and effectively, according to performance indicators.

He indicated that the regular working system includes 36 hours weekly, from 07:00 am to 02:15 pm, from Sunday to Wednesday, and from 07:00 am to 02:00 on Thursday.

Regarding the official working hours for the extended working hours system, including 40 hours week, work begins at 07:00 am and ends at 03:00 pm from Sunday to Thursday, he said, adding that the application of the flexible working system shall not exceed three flexible hours as a maximum.

CSB President noted that the attendance and departure system applies to all employees according to specific conditions and controls, adding that the provisions of the flexible working hours system do not apply to employees working according to the shift system, part-time workers, medical, educational and vital jobs, except after CSB approval, based on the justifications provided by the government agency and as required by the work interest in some special cases.

He stressed that the application of flexible working hours in government agencies should be based on the agreement between the employee and the direct official, as well as the consent of the competent authority or its authorised representative, in a way that ensures the continuous provision of the services at the entity, and taking into account the vital jobs at government agencies when requesting flexible working hours for the employee.

Source: Bahrain News Agency