Cultural exchange key to global peace – Kuwait Library Director

Director General of the Kuwait National Library Siham Al-Azmi stressed the significance of exchange, coexistence, and interaction between global cultures, noting that it is the shortest path to fostering friendship, peace, and cooperation among nations.

Al-Azmi made these remarks to the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) on Wednesday following her visit to the Turkish Nation’s Library in Ankara. The visit was at the invitation of Ayhan Tuglu, the Director of the Turkish Nation’s Library.

She highlighted that libraries continue to hold an essential place in the history of nations due to their role in preserving national, cultural, and scientific contributions, thereby maintaining the stature of nations worldwide.

She praised the Turkish Nation’s Library for its dedication to preserving the rich and ancient history and civilization of Turkiye and ensuring its transmission to future generations. Al-Azmi described libraries as beacons of knowledge, culture, and civilization that reflect the progress of nations.

i also noted that the Kuwait National Library, for the first time at the end of April, hosted a special section for Turkish books, including 330 books across various fields of knowledge, donated by the Turkish Embassy in Kuwait.

Moreover, Al-Azmi expressed her aspiration that these activities would lead to future cooperation protocols between the Kuwait National Library and its counterparts in friendly and sisterly countries.

Source: Kuwait News Agency