DANAT hosts Ghana’s Senior Presidential Advisor

Manama The Bahrain Institute for Pearls and Gemstones (DANAT) welcomed Ken Ofori-Atta, Ghana’s Senior Presidential Advisor and Special Envoy for International Finance and Private Sector Investments, along with his delegation, during their official visit to Bahrain.

This visit aimed at strengthening bilateral relations and promoting economic and cultural exchanges between the two nations.

The delegation received a comprehensive overview of the Institute’s efforts to enhance Bahrain’s reputation as a leading hub of expertise in pearls and gemstones and as a gateway to global markets, serving both local and international clients.

Additionally, they were informed about significant initiatives aimed at further consolidating the Bahraini pearl sector, in alignment with the National Pearl Sector Revival plan in Bahrain.

The delegation was also introduced to DANAT’s groundbreaking laboratory, boasting cutting-edge testing and testing equipment. They were briefed on the laboratory’s provision of accredited certifi
cates in jewellery and gemstone testing, alongside its comprehensive educational courses catering to those aspiring to specialize in jewellery and gemstone evaluation.

The delegation members conveyed their profound appreciation to DANAT for the gracious reception extended to them, and articulated their profound admiration for Bahrain’s pioneering institute, which stands as a beacon of excellence regionally and globally.

Noora Jamsheer, CEO of DANAT, emphasised that this visit serves as a testament to the Institute’s global recognition and its steadfast dedication to advancing the pearl and gemstone industry.

“We are confident that such esteemed visits underscore the Institute’s and Bahrain’s concerted efforts in revitalizing the natural pearl extraction and trade sector. We eagerly anticipate continuing our pivotal role in this endeavour, both locally and on the regional and global levels,” Jamsheer added.

Source: Bahrain News Agency