The Supreme Sharia Council is currently holding a meeting at Dar El-Fatwa, headed by Grand Mufti of the Lebanese Republic, Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian, with talks touching on Sharia and national affairs.

In wake of recent developments, the conferees called for standing responsibly as a one rank in the face of international disassembly and the attempts to strike the unity of political entities.

Over the cabinet’s ministerial statement, the conferees considered that it will pose a major challenge to the government, and time may be the greatest challenge, to demonstrate its ability to advance the country’s deteriorating and dangerous conditions, and to get it out of its financial, economic, social and daily living crises, and to adhere to the constitution and the requirements of the Taif Agreement and the values of integrity and transparency and commitment to applying the laws in force

They considered that the government has to demonstrate through actions, and not words, its determination to address the problems and concerns of the Lebanese and their suffering, and work to restore their confidence in the state. We will follow up on its pledges carefully, they affirmed.

Referring to the rejected deal of the century, the Council stressed that Palestine, its history, land and sanctuaries, are not for sale, and the sacred land is not for exchange, and its national entity is not for deliberationIts people are steadfast, unified, and struggling, and nothing will undermine their determination to regain their land and legitimate rights, and to return to their united homeland and its holy capital.

The Council also paid tribute to Martyr PM Rafik Hariri, marking the fifteenth commemoration of his assassination, stressing their faithfulness to his memory and continuous loyalty to his approach.

Source: National News Agency