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Determining the Eid al-Fitr holiday – new government decisions

Determining the Eid al-Fitr holiday – new government decisions

Ramallah – Together – The Council of Ministers decided, in its first session held today, Tuesday in the city of Ramallah, to form a number of permanent ministerial committees, led by the Ministerial Committee for Reform, in addition to the permanent Ministerial Social Committee, the Permanent Ministerial Economic Development Committee, and the Ministerial Infrastructure Committee. The Permanent Ministerial Al-Quds Committee, and the Permanent Ministerial Administrative Committee.

The Council of Ministers also decided to create an Office of Institutional Development and Reform in the Prime Minister’s Office, which will follow up on the implementation of the development and reform program.

The Council of Ministers also decided to assign the heads of government departments, each according to their specialization, to hold periodic meetings with civil society institutions to discuss common issues, in a way that serves the government’s programs, objectives, and public interest, and to create effective and sustain
able mechanisms for communicating with them.

The Council also decided to pay employees’ salaries at a rate of 70% for the month of February 2024 tomorrow, Wednesday, and to consider the Eid al-Fitr holiday from Tuesday morning, April 9, to Friday evening, April 12.

The Prime Minister stressed that the permanent ministerial reform committee, along with the rest of the committees, is part of the government’s tasks to carry out broad institutional reforms to improve performance and provide better services to our people.

He also stressed the government’s priorities at the current stage, which will focus on three priorities: alleviating the suffering of our people in the Gaza Strip, achieving financial stability, and implementing a program to reform and develop the performance of government institutions.

In his speech at the beginning of the first government session, Mustafa said, ‘From the first moment of its formation, the government has been making international efforts and contacts around the clock to alle
viate the suffering of our people in the Gaza Strip, starting with the urgent needs for humanitarian relief, and ending with reconstruction, in the face of the ongoing criminal war and genocide, as well as in the West Bank.’ In which aggression, killing, seizures, arrests, and terrorism of the colonizers continue, and in which difficult security and economic conditions are experienced.’

The Prime Minister stressed that the government will begin working to stabilize the financial situation in the Palestinian territories, in a way that achieves economic and social security and maintains the strength of our financial and economic institutions.

He added: “We are fully aware that all our efforts and plans for relief and developing the work of institutions will not succeed without achieving financial stability. The government has begun to put pressure with mediators and international partners to push Israel to release our seized funds, which are the right of our people, and recovering them represents a top priori

The Prime Minister indicated that the government’s third priority is to implement an ambitious work program to reform and develop the performance of public institutions in order to achieve more productivity, transparency and accountability by reviewing and correcting many measures to achieve this goal.

He stressed the need for our institutions to work efficiently, provide services to citizens with dignity, be transparent and free of corruption, and ensure the provision of services and rights at a level befitting our people, stressing that everyone who succeeds will be rewarded, and whoever makes mistakes will be held accountable.

Source: Maan News Agency