The digital sector in Lebanon plays a crucial role, especially in the current circumstances, by improving access to education and training, offering economic opportunities and financial inclusion, thereby enhancing resilience in the face of the country’s multisectoral crisis. Women, often underrepresented in other economic sectors, benefit from specific training programs aimed at increasing their participation in digital careers.

These programs provide women with the necessary skills to enter the Tech job market through bootcamps and online trainings, which are essential tools for this inclusion.

AUF and Simplon.co are partnering again to address the need for women’s training in high-value-added careers while strengthening the Lebanese economy. By deploying a project of free training in digital skills and careers for Lebanese women who are far from employment, the goal is to promote their professional reintegration into high-demand digital jobs, while providing qualified and diverse labor to Lebanese compan
ies. This project is a logical continuation of the ‘Développer Demain’ project that was deployed in Lebanon in 2023. Thirty women will benefit from a prequalification training, ‘Hackeuses’, for which the call for applications will be open until July 24, 2024, before entering a six-month professional training program to become Fullstack web developers.

The AUF’s Moyen-Orient branch inaugurated the Centre d’employabilité francophone (CEF) in Beirut in September 2021. The CEF’s mission is to bridge the gap between academic institutions and the professional world, aiding Lebanese students in their transition to entrepreneurship and employment. The center facilitates interactions between young graduates, recruiters, academia, and socio-professional organizations.

Simplon.co, established in France in 2013, is an international network dedicated to socially inclusive tech training. Its mission is to leverage digital transformation as a means of social innovation, providing access to digital skills and employment op
portunities for underrepresented groups. With a presence in 20 countries and over 25,000 individuals trained, Simplon.co focuses on high-demand digital skills such as software and website development, data science, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity.

Beyond France, Simplon.co has expanded to Morocco and Senegal and partners with local NGOs and vocational education and training organizations worldwide. This global approach ensures that training programs are tailored to meet local market needs while utilizing local resources effectively.

Source: National news agency – Lebanon