Dhofar Civil Defence Sub Committee Reviews Preparations for Tropical Condition

Salalah, The Sub Committee of Civil Defence in

the Governorate of Dhofar held an extraordinary meeting today under

the chair of Maj.Gen Hamad bin Sulaiman al-Hatmi, Assistant Inspector

General of Police and Customs, Deputy Chairman of the National Civil

Defence Committee to discuss preparations for the effects of the

tropical condition (Luban).

The committee was briefed on the latest weather forecast on

the condition track and the preparations made to limit the effects of this

condition. It also discussed means of ensuring continuity of services at

the areas that will possibly be affected.

The Deputy Chairman of the National Civil Defence

Committee stressed the importance of utilising all resources and

potentials to ensure effective response, availing medical and other

basic services and limiting the effects on the continuity of electricity,

water, communication and other services. He noted that convoys of

vehicles operated by the different vehicles are on their way to Dhofar to

provide the necessary emergency support.

Source: Oman News Agency