Diam Chairman Visits Barka Water Desalination Plant

Mohammed bin Abdullah al-Mahrouqi, Chairman of the Public Authority for Electricity and Water (Diam) today visited Barka Water Desalination Plant to identify the challenging facing the water desalination plants due to intense phytoplankton at the sea water.

During the visit, he discussed with the plant mangers the measures taken by the owner of the plant to reduce the effects of phytoplankton on production and the immediate measures that may be taken to cover the shortage in water production.

They explored the possibility of production from Barka 4, which is still under construction. They agreed to immediately start the plant partially to support the water network while other water plants are not in service.

It should be noted that the new water treatment plant is provided with modern system for eliminating phytoplankton. The produced quantities are expected to set off the possible shortage due to the discontinuation of the plants.

The meeting also discussed the additional measures that could be taken in the future to limit the effect of such natural phenomenon on the existing water plants.

Source: Oman News Agency