Diam Main Emergency Committee Meets

Muscat, The Main Emergency Committee at Diam held today a meeting at its main office in Bausher, to discuss the request submitted by Hyflux Oman, the owner of the Quriyat desalination plant, on the program for performing periodic maintenance of the plant on February 28th and 29th.

The meeting reviewed the most important precautionary measures that will be taken to reduce the impact of the water supply during the maintenance period, which will continue for 48 hours as the station feeds the Wilayats of Quriyat, Al A’mirat, Muttrah, Muscat, and parts of Bausher. The sub-emergency committees of Diam in the affected wilayats have been activated to ensure the alternative water sources that will be provided, such as making sure to raise the water levels in all major and subsidiary collection tanks, and activating Reciprocating pumping between Quriyat, Al Ghubrah and Barka desalination plants, in addition to using wells in the wilayats.

The authority urges all subscribers to take the necessary measures and continue to rationalize water consumption.

Source: Oman News Agency