Diwan of Royal Court Minister to Launch Oman Business Forum

Sayyid Khalid bin Hilal al-Busaidi,

Minister of the Diwan of Royal Court will launch Oman Business Forum

after-tomorrow (Wednesday), 28 February 2018.

The Oman Business Forum comes as a new step that

strengthens the partnership between the public and private sectors,

which has received a great attention from His Majesty the Sultan, as

the socioeconomic development relies on the accumulation of all

community potentials, including the capacities, resources and expertise

available in each of the government and private sectors.

The Oman Business Forum is an intellectual development

gathering that seeks to achieve coherence among its members where it

combines the public and private sectors on a unified ground to realise

ambition between them and offers various activities to promote and

develop the pioneering and competitive thought of the Omani business

community representing the public and private sectors. It also seeks to

develop and adopt initiatives supporting the taskforce for public-private

partnership related to capacity enhancement and climate improvement

by promoting valuable communication, exploring opportunities and

sharing knowledge to build effective partnerships with regional and

global forums.

Launching the forum will be followed by launching its first

activities under the patronage of Sayyid Khalid bin Hilal al-Busaidi,

Minister of the Diwan of Royal Court in the presence of the members of

the Working Group for Partnership between the public and private

sectors and graduates of the national programmes from both

government and private sectors.

The event will include discussion topics to be addressed by a

group of Omani and international experts, businessmen and

representatives of the government sector on prospects of the present,

future shifts, rapid local and global variables in the business sector, as

well as the Fourth Industrial Revolution and opportunities and joint

action between the government and private sectors, in addition to the

growth and investment opportunities in the Sultanate in particular, the

region and the world in general.

Source: Oman News Agency