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Donors urged to donate blood and platelets

Donors urged to donate blood and platelets

Eligible donors have been requested to visit the Central Blood Bank at Bausher to donate blood and platelets for an emergency. Just as the Eid holidays are around the corner, people engage more in prayers than before, resulting in shortage of blood units.

Oman needs about 100 blood donors daily to cover the patients’ needs during Ramadhan and donors from all the blood groups are required, but O positive, O negative and A positive are high in demand, according to Dr Zainab al Fana al Araimi, Director of Blood Bank Services.

Speaking to the Observer, she said blood and platelet units would be collected from the donors strictly within the Covid-19 protocols.

“Of late, we receive at least 2 to 3 requests for platelets every day and we are finding a scarcity for platelets. Hence, we encourage people to come forward and give blood and platelets to save a life in danger,” a spokesperson from the Bausher Blood Bank said.

The situation would be even pressing as revised lockdown came into force from Saturday. However, those who are going to or coming from the Blood Bank wouldn’t have any issue at the checkpoint. All they have to show the Royal Oman Police (ROP) is any proof of blood donation.

“One wouldn’t be stopped or punished for travelling to or from the Blood Bank and they just have to show a proof that they are donors at the CBB.”

“Although accidents have come down during the lockdown and elective surgeries were postponed, blood is still needed to cover the requirements of hematology patients such as individuals with thalassemia, sickle cell disease and for oncology patients,” said Dr Zainab.

Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Endowments (MERA) sources have confirmed that a fasting person can donate blood and platelets and donation during the holy month is absolutely harmless any time of the day but due to restoration and other medical reasons and to keep the person safe.

Health experts suggest one to take part in the life-saving mission after breaking fast. However, non- Muslims can come and donate blood or platelets during the day.

Source: Oman Observer