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Economic advisor Hassouna meets businessman Ahmed Al-Dabbah

Economic advisor Hassouna meets businessman Ahmed Al-Dabbah

Hebron – Deir al-Assad – Together – In the process of consolidating bilateral relations and with the aim of opening new horizons for economic cooperation between businessmen in the interior and the West Bank, the economic advisor Ahmed Hassouna, a member of the Board of Directors of the Hebron Governorate Chamber of Commerce and Industry, accompanied by businessmen Ashraf Al-Harbawi and Eid Siaj, held a meeting. Motwal with businessman Ahmed Al-Dabbah and his brother Yahya at the company’s main headquarters in the town of Deir Al-Assad in the interior.

Counselor Hassouna spoke about the good relations between businessmen in the interior and the West Bank, whose roots extend over many years and have been reflected positively on the development of the Palestinian economy. He pointed out that the current conditions have negatively affected the movement of trade and its flow between the interior and the West Bank, in several sectors, praising With the efforts of the Dabbah brothers to supply the West Bank market
s with red meat despite these difficult circumstances.

Counselor Hassouna asked the Dabbah brothers and local businessmen to open economic projects in the West Bank in partnership with local businessmen, stressing that this would reflect positively on the national economy, in addition to increasing and strengthening trade exchange between factories, Palestinian companies, and marketing companies at home.

For his part, Al-Dabbah affirmed his special commitment and the commitment of his company to supply the Palestinian market with all the goods and products that his company is working on, stressing that the difficult circumstances that the region is going through had a slight impact on the operations of supplying goods to the Palestinian market and that they were able to overcome many difficulties in order to continue the flow of their goods to the Palestinian market. .

Al-Dabbah spoke about his company’s intention to open a huge economic project in the West Bank, indicating that they are looking for local
partners to help them implement this project, which will be the first of its kind in the West Bank.

Al-Dabbah accompanied Counselor Hassouna and the accompanying delegation on a field tour of some of the company’s branches, including livestock farms – calves and sheep – the slaughterhouse, and other branches of the company, and they listened to a detailed explanation of the quantities of meat supplied to the Palestinian market from Al-Dabbah Company.

At the end of the meeting, emphasis was placed on increasing visits between the two parties and continuing communication with the aim of achieving the ideas that were presented during the meeting.

Source: Maan News Agency