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Edu. Min. refers fake high school diplomas to prosecutors

Edu. Min. refers fake high school diplomas to prosecutors

The Minister of Education and Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr. Adel Al-Adwani has referred high school diplomas from Gulf, Arab, and other countries to the Public Prosecution, revoking their fake certificates and contacted relevant authorities to correct the procedure, aiming to combat the phenomenon of forged certificates.

In a press statement on Wednesday, Dr. Al-Adwani explained that this action follows the recommendations of the Ministry of Education’s investigation committee regarding high school diplomas from Arab countries, which had been approved by the Private Education Department, consequently revoked.

He underscored the implementation of actual measures in enforcing the law and stated his commitment to combating violations and continuing the reform process for the nation’s future.

Additionally, the minister adopted the legal sector’s recommendation in the Ministry of Higher Education to refer post-secondary certificates to Public Prosecution, as this referral is for presenting false
documents and altering data in academic certificates to obtain accreditation.

Dr. Al-Adwani asserted his full commitment to fighting the phenomenon of forged certificates, referring these fake certificates to Public Prosecution is the first phase, with more referrals to follow to completely eliminate this issue, which poses a threat to the education system and job market.

He added that this is to uphold integrity and transparency in society by enforcing regulations, ensuring that unqualified individuals do not take opportunities from those who deserve them.

Dr. Al-Adwani pointed out the importance of maintaining the integrity, quality, and productivity of work, which positively impacts the job market and national economy.

Source: Kuwait News Agency