Education Council Endorses National Framework for Future Skills

Muscat, In response to the rapidly developing global educational scenario, the Education Council today endorsed a document incorporating Oman National Framework for Future Skills.

The step also comes within the context of the emerging technology and informatics revolution and its outputs, namely the fourth industrial revolution (4IR). It has become necessary for developers of educational systems to focus on upgrading the skills of learners in a manner that helps them adapt to the changing world and adopt an ongoing lifestyle.

The future skills document was one of the recommendations of the “2017 Symposium on Education and Future Development and Employment Approaches to the Labour Market”.

Oman National Framework for Future Skills envisages a number of goals to be achieved, notably formulating a unified approach to education and a joint understanding about the required future skills. The goals also include developing the educational system in a manner that responds to sustainable development and future trends in the field, in addition to enhancing the competitiveness of learners to enable them to keep pace with economic, social and technical developments.

It is worth noting that Oman National Framework for Future Skills conforms with Oman Vision 2040.

The developers of Oman National Framework for Future Skills benefited from international experiences in building national frameworks for future educational policies and strategies associated with the needs of local and international labour markets.

Source: Oman News Agency