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Education holds an annual review meeting for the education sector with its international and national partners

Education holds an annual review meeting for the education sector with its international and national partners

Ramallah – Ma’an – The Ministry of Education and Higher Education held an annual review meeting with its international and national partners to review the reality of education in Palestine, especially in light of the challenges witnessed by the educational reality in general and in the Gaza Strip in particular.

This came with the participation of the Minister of Education and Higher Education, Dr. Amjad Barham, Ireland’s representative to Palestine, Willem McLoughlin, the Director of the National UNESCO Office, the UNESCO Representative in Palestine, Noha Bawazir, and the Undersecretary, Dr. Nafie Assaf, assistant undersecretaries and representatives of the educational family and international and local partners.

And in his word; Barham stressed the importance of strengthening the resilience of teachers as an integral part of any plan, reviewing the ministry’s commitment to working to provide safe and attractive schools, developing the technological aspect, enhancing literacy and interest in the basic stage
, giving Jerusalem schools and schools in marginalized areas an additional area of ??attention, and improving the school environment. To be attractive and incubating for students, to continue working in the STEM program, to implement a system of professionalization of education, and to employ technology in education, in administrative processes, and other development principles to improve the quality of education and improve its outcomes.

The minister said, “39,000 students were supposed to take the secondary exams in the Gaza Strip next month, and with the impossibility of them enrolling in the first round of the exam, we announce our commitment to holding a special session for the students of the Strip once the aggression ends and we have completed providing the required educational material to the students.”

Barham touched on what is happening in the Gaza Strip, saying: ‘We realize the importance of education, but we realize even more the importance of life, and therefore any talk about a secondary right
remains incomplete unless the basic right is available, and we renew our commitment to education that does not exclude anyone, and to leave no child behind.’ And improving the quality of education, and equitable and just education.

For his part, McLoughlin touched on the great and complex difficulties facing all partners as a result of the ongoing aggression on the Gaza Strip, which witnesses a blatant violation of the right to education despite it being an inherent and inalienable right, stressing the need for everyone to assume their responsibilities to restore it. Consideration of the right to education and protection of children.

In turn, Bawazir affirmed that UNESCO will continue its efforts to coordinate interventions in the ‘general and higher’ education sector, noting that the continuation and stability of education has become a prominent challenge in light of the current circumstances, considering that the reality of schools and universities in recent months requires us to adopt work mechanisms tha
t rise to the scale of the challenges in Under accelerating variables.

The meeting witnessed interventions from the participants, during which they stressed the importance of coordinating interventions according to a vision that ensures coordination and integration of efforts, ensuring that the axes of any action plan fall within the framework of enhancing the resilience and continuity of education.

The meeting included presentations focused on flexibility and continuity in education, violations against the education sector in the West Bank and Gaza, Palestine’s participation in international studies, and the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), in addition to reviewing the results of field visits that took place last week to a number of schools.

The meeting was preceded by a meeting between Minister Barham, Ireland’s representative to Palestine, Willem McLoughlin, and the Director of UNESCO in Palestine, Noha Bawazir, where issues of common interest were discussed.

Source: Maan News Agency