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Egypt affirms counter-“terrorism” support in African Sahel-Sahara region

Egypt affirms counter-“terrorism” support in African Sahel-Sahara region

Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration Badr Abdelaty affirmed on Wednesday Egypt’s interest in counter-“terrorism” efforts in the African Sahel-Saharan region.

In a statement, Egyptian Foreign Affairs Ministry’s Spokesperson Ambassador Ahmad Abu Zeid said that this came during Minister Abdelaty’s meeting with head of United Nations’ Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Ghada Waly.

The minister underscored Egypt’s keenness on cooperating with the UNODC, especially in combating “terrorism.” Combating “terrorism,” Abdelaty explained, would be through focusing on combating extremist ideologies which accumulate recruitments online, and focusing on developing national strategies to obstruct any elementary formations of “terrorist,” violent, extremist ideologies.

Egypt is interested in partnering and cooperating with UN organizations and regional affiliates in Africa with the Egyptian Agency of Partnership for Development, added Abdelaty.

Meanwhile, Ghada Waly highlighted the UNODC’s efforts in keepin
g peace and security through supporting Egypt, and through carrying out the Regional Framework for Arab States 2023-2028.

Waly stated that the Regional Framework is a strategic and cooperative endeavor between the UNODC, the Arab League, and 18 Arab states to respond to regional challenges.

During the meeting with Abdelaty, Waly reviewed plans in combating corruption, financial crimes, drug and human trafficking in Egypt and regionally, as well as coordinating with Egyptian officials in strengthening criminal justice and crime prevention.

Source: Kuwait News Agency