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Egyptian delegation due in Qatar Wednesday to discuss Gaza truce

Egyptian delegation due in Qatar Wednesday to discuss Gaza truce

CAIRO, A delegation comprising Egyptian security officers is due to visit Qatar on Wednesday for talks on prospects of bridging the gap between Hamas movement and the Israeli occupation and reaching an accord to stop hostilities in the enclave.

The official Middle East News Agency quoted “a senior source” as saying that the negotiations to silence the guns in Gaza were proceeding, affirming that Cairo continued to try to narrow the gulf between the parties of the conflict.

Tomorrow’s mission is to be carried out against the backdrop of a visit to Cairo by the CIA chief William Burns who held talks with President Abdulfattah Al-Sisi on the issue.

Cairo, early last month, hosted meetings of security delegations from Egypt, the US and Tel Aviv, as part of the efforts to enforce a cease-fire, send aid into the war beleaguered enclave and tackle the prisoners’ issue.

Qatar, which hosts Hamas leaders, has played a pivotal role in trying the settle these thorny issues, amid reports that Hamas insists on a full a
nd lasting halt of the Israeli aggression on Gaza and Tel Aviv repeatedly saying it will not stop the attacks unless Hamas is decimated.

Source: Kuwait News Agency