Egyptian President calls for unity to solve Sudan crisis

President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi called on Sunday to increase the regional and international efforts to reach a conclusive agreement resolving the Sudanese crisis.

This came in a meeting between president Al-Sisi and a Sudanese delegation participating in the Sudan’s political and civilian groups’ conference hosted by Egypt.

President Al-Sisi stressed during the meeting that Egypt with the help of regional and international partners would do its best to ensure the return of safety, stability and ending the war in Sudan.

He expressed his gratitude on the response the participants on accepting the invitation to the conference under the slogan “Together to end the War” especially under the historical circumstances that Sudan is facing.

According to the statement, representatives of the Sudanese political and civilian groups expressed their appreciation for Egypt’s efforts to support Sudan since the beginning of the current crisis, stressing that this embodies the depth of the ties that unite the peoples of the
two countries and the unity of history and destiny between them.

They praised the efforts of the Egyptian leadership to bring the viewpoints of the Sudanese parties closer together to get out of the current crisis and support the Sudanese people to address the catastrophic humanitarian situation experienced by large areas in Sudan.

Source: Kuwait News Agency