Emergency meeting of the Arab League to discuss developments in Palestinian territories

Cairo The General Secretariat of the Arab League announced that an emergency meeting of the League’s Council at the level of permanent representatives will be held tomorrow, Thursday, at the request of Palestine to discuss the latest developments in the Palestinian territories.

Ambassador Hossam Zaki, the Assistant Secretary-General of the Arab League and Head of the Office of the Secretary-General., stated on Wednesday that the decision to hold this emergency meeting was reached after consultations between the General Secretariat of the League, Mauritania (the current president of the League Council session), and Palestine (the requesting party), which was supported by several Arab countries. Consequently, it was agreed to hold the meeting.

Palestine’s request for the meeting comes in light of the ongoing war in Gaza for nearly nine continuous months and the recent approval by the Israeli government of a series of sanctions against Palestine aimed at preventing its independence and intensifying plans to an
nex the occupied West Bank territories.

The meeting will also address issues such as colonial expansion, settlement activities, undermining the Palestinian government’s authority, the seizure of Palestinian funds, and the imposition of sanctions on Palestinian officials, including deportation and travel bans.

Source: Bahrain News Agency