EP cmte voices concern about global media freedom

The European Parliament’s Subcommittee on Human Rights, Wednesday, adopted a new report expressing deep concern about global media freedom.

Adopted by 54 votes in favor, zero against with three abstentions, the report points out to abuses and attacks perpetrated against journalists in many countries.

It deplored the fact that, according to the non-governmental organization Committee to Protect Journalists, 67 journalists were killed in 2022.

The report condemned all crimes, including killings, physical attacks, torture, intimidation and hate speech, committed against people working in the media around the world, including in the EU. Noting that trustworthy information is a key pillar underpinning democratic societies, the report also condemned the growing use of surveillance equipment and spyware to monitor, intercept and censor the work of journalists The report will now be submitted for approval by the European Parliament as a whole.

Source: Kuwait News Agency