EU calls on Israel to halt unilateral measures

The European Union Tuesday called on Israel to halt unilateral measures that could heighten the already high level of tension and jeopardize the very possibility of a future just and sustainable peace based on the two State solution in Palestine.

This position was expressed by EU High Representative Josep Borrell in his first person-to-person meeting with the Foreign Minister of the occupation regime Eli Cohen in Brussels today.

Borrell also repeated the importance of respecting the status quo of the Holy Sites in Jerusalem, according to a statement released by his office this evening.

The EU and its Member States remain firmly committed to the two-state solution and the EU foreign policy chief recalled the European readiness to contribute to a peace process, it said.

Borrell informed Cohen of the work he is doing with EU Special Representative for Middle East Peace Process Sven Koopmans, and together with Saudi Arabia and the League of Arab States and other Arab States, to revive peace efforts, through plans for a comprehensive regional peace, building on the Arab Peace Initiative and the European offer of a ‘peace package’, and invited Cohen to engage on it.

Meanwhile, tomorrow’s Ad Hoc Liaison Committee meeting on Palestine in Brussels will be a key opportunity to discuss how to strengthen the Palestinian economy and institutions, noted the statement

Source: Kuwait News Agency