EU: Oman is Message of Peace in Open Books

Brussels, The EU Magazine said that the recent participation of the

Sultanate in the French Book Fair in Paris as a guest of honor was an opportunity to remind

the audience of its long history of literature.

The magazine stressed that this participation was an international recognition of the

leading role of the Omani book in the regional cultural scene and reflected an effective

translation of its Arab and international reputation for openness and cultural diversity. It was

also a cultural translation of its ancient history and open civilizational environment that

enticed French and European visitors to discover the magic of the East through this

authentic country.

The magazine added “The Sultanate has made a great effort in translation to ensure that

French readers can access the literary and intellectual production of this historic country. ” It

added that a number of Omani officials, writers, intellectuals, novelists, historians, poets,

publishers and painters participated in that event, in addition to the Royal Oman Symphony

Orchestra which presented its performances at the exhibition, highlighting Omani music.

The EU magazine described Omani writing as exemplary and characterized by its

encyclopedic style, which distinguishes Omani literature from the Arab cultural landscape.

It added,” Since the early years of the Islamic era, Omani authors have maintained a

strong presence in the scientific fields – from interpretation of the Holy Quran, Hadith, Fiqh,

Arabic language, history, as well as in medical sciences, astronomy and navigation. Omanis

were famous for their integrated approach to presenting the scientific materials in the form

of poetry, and said that the oldest book written in this manner is the ” Poetry Book ” of Imam

Jabir bin Zaid, which dates back to the first century.”

The magazine praised the efforts of the Sultanate’s representative in a number of

government institutions and private institutions to make intensive efforts to discover these

treasures and to provide readers in an easy manner.

It added that when printing became known, Oman was one of the first countries to print

copies of its precious writings.

It said that the Omani participation in this event reflected friendly relations with France,

stressing in this regard that the participation was the culmination of a long history of cultural

exchanges between the Sultanate and France.

The EU Magazine added, “The Sultanate and France share a long history of cultural

relations which dates back centuries. This relationship has been documented in many

books since the early 17th century, when French ships used to transport goods to India and

the Arabian Gulf through the port of Muscat.’

It added that one of the oldest agreements signed between Oman and France was the

Friendship and Trade Agreement concluded on November 4th 1844.

This has helped develop a strong friendship in the era of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin

Said and French presidents since 1970.

Source: Oman News Agency

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