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Europeans vote for representation at continental parliament

Europeans vote for representation at continental parliament

Eligible voters all over the European continent headed Sunday to polling stations to choose their representatives at the European Parliament for the next five years, at the fourth and last day of the elections.

In Germany, the largest country in population size, some 65 million voters are eligible to cast their votes and choose 96 representatives out of 720 in total, with 35 parties in the running.

As for France, a record of 38 parties will be running for the European Parliament elections with some 49.5 million voters choosing their 81 representatives.

More than 38 million voters are heading to polling stations in Spain to elect 61 parliamentarians, an increase from the 59 representatives in the 2019 elections.

Representation at the European Parliament is allocated by population, with Germany taking the lead, followed by France, Italy and Spain coming in Forth.

The 2024 elections are marked with an increasing popularity for extremist right wing agenda, mounting concern for security issues and rising tens

Source: Kuwait News Agency