Finnish Newspaper The Sultanate A Country Rich of Natural Scenery and Monuments

Visit Finland “newspaper described the Sultanate as a country that is rich in attractive natural scenery and monument and that it is a meeting point between Asia, Africa at the Southern East part of the Arabian Peninsula.

The newspaper advised tourists from the different parts of the world to make the Sultanate on their” Must to See Destinations’ in 2018. It pointed out that the Sultanate has long virgin and attractive beaches, desert, caves, mountains and wadis. Moreover, the Sultanate has historic cities and villages whose residents maintain the true Omani traditions and values.

It also pointed out that the Sultanate enjoys warm and sunny weather during January, especially in Muscat, which makes Oman an ideal destination during this time of the year.

It also noted that Muscat Festival, a fun filled event, will be held at Al A’mirat and Al Naseem Parks during the period from January 18th to February 10th 2018.

Source: Oman News Agency