The first edition of Oman Human Resources Forum, organised by al Roya Newspaper, will begin on Feb 26, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Muscat, in Hayy Al Erfan, under the patronage of Sheikh Khalid bin Omar al-Marhoon, Minister of Civil Service.

Hatim bin Hamad al-Tae, Editor-in-Chief of al Roya and Supervisor General of the forum, said that, the forum, in its first edition, entitled “Rehabilitation, Empowerment and Employment,” aims at discussing challenges facing the Sultanate, in the current stage, in terms of human resource development, employment challenges and empowerment of small and medium enterprises, in addition to discussing career promotion issues and linking them to performance.

He added, the forum seeks to shed light on the success stories of a number of beneficiaries of the funding, by Al Raffd Fund, with the participation of a group of experts, specialists and officials related to human resources.

He also said, “The Forum includes four working sessions, the first, entitled “Investing in National Human Resources” is followed by a panel discussion entitled “Career Development and Performance.” The second session, entitled “Entrepreneurship and Success Methods” was dedicated to beneficiaries of Al Raffd Fund.

Sultan al-Busaidi, CEO of the United Oilfield Services Company, Ali bin Saleh al-Ghabshi and Ahmed bin Abdullah al-Rahbi, who are the founders of Al Hedaya for National Projects (Shipping and Customs Clearance), will submit two working papers about their success stories with self-employment.

Al-Taie said, the third session is entitled “Training and Competency Management” followed by a panel discussion entitled “Creating Job Opportunities,” and the fourth session, titled “Strategies and training objectives for human resources” which will be followed by a panel discussion entitled “Motivation Plans compatible with the Omani Environment.”

The Forum is to be accompanied by a training workshop aimed at entrepreneurs. It seeks to qualify them for the tasks of modern human resources management.

Source: NAM News Network