Formula for Alleviating Impacts of Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Muscat— As part of the Government’s keenness to alleviate the impacts of coronavirus (Covid-19) on citizens and private sector establishments, the following measures have been undertaken:

– Sufficient reserve of additional staple foodstuff has been provided.

– Giving access to the private sector to tap the resources of government stores, free of charge, for consumer goods and foodstuff over the next six months.

– Exemption granted to restaurants from tourist tax till the end of August 2020.

– Exemption from municipality tax granted to all restaurants till the end of August 2020.

– Exemption from municipality fees granted to commercial establishments till the end of August 2020.

– Postponing loan installments/premiums for Small and Medium Establishments, i.e. fees payable to Al Raffd Fund for the next 6 months.

– Postponing loan installments/premiums payable to Oman Development Bank during the next 6 months.

– Oman Development Bank and Al Raffd Fund to respond positively to Central Bank of Oman’s procedures governing credit incentives.

– Exemption from rent granted to factories in industrial cities for a period of 3 months.

– Exemption of companies from Commercial Register renewal fees for the next 3 months.

– Instructing car (automobile) sale agencies and finance companies to postpone installments/premiums of cars for a period of 3 months in accordance with the Central Bank of Oman’s circular.

– Discounting fees for handling (loading, unloading) and cargo at ports.

– Discounting cargo fees for foodstuff and medicines.

– Urging owners of commercial centres/complexes and real estate owners to operate in a manner that takes into account the current situation of their rented shops/outlets that are affected by the precautionary measures, either by waiving (canceling) or discounting or postponing the rent agreed during the next period, while at the same time coordinating with the departments concerned.

Source: Oman News Agency