France announces official results for legislative elections

The French Ministry of the Interior announced on Monday the official results of the French legislative elections, in which the pan-left alliance New Popular Front (NFP) advanced without obtaining an absolute majority, winning 182 out of 577 seats.

According to the official results issued by the French Interior Ministry, the New Popular Front won 182 seats, led by Jean-Luc Melenchonm, followed by Emmanuel Macron’s Ensemble party with 168 seats.

While the far-right group the National Rally (RN) and its allies — which took first place in the first round — came in third place with 143 seats.

For a majority, a party must obtain 289 seats.

More than 43 million eligible voters are expected to cast their votes in the second round, which witnessed an exceptional participation, reaching more the 59 percent.

Source: Kuwait News Agency