Frangieh, Rampling tackle latest developments

Marada Movement leader Sleiman Frangieh, on Wednesday welcomed at his Bnachai residence the British Ambassador to Lebanon, Chris Rampling.

Talks reportedly covered a range of matters including the stringent reforms amidst the current economic crisis, the electricity plan, and most recent developments on the regional and international arena.

During the meeting, Frangieh stressed the need to embark on urgent reforms in light of the simmering economic crisis, and the importance that these reforms be based on international transparency standards and clear methods like tenders and the book of conditions.

Frangieh said Marada Movement backs every project proposed with transparency, while opposes any “vague or ambiguous” project.

“Our opposition falls within the interest of the country rather than out of personal calculations,” Frangieh corroborated.

Frangieh also underlined the dire need for a new, modern economic vision based on legal amendments in a bid to attract investors and strengthen the productive sectors, especially industry, agriculture and tourism, in order to boost national income and economic growth.

Ambassador Rampling, in turn, stressed that investment of foreign companies in Lebanon is linked to reform and securing a clear and stable platform.

Source: National News Agency