French condemnation for Iranian attempt to launch a satellite

Baghdad, France condemned on Monday Iran’s attempt to launch a satellite via a space launcher.

France condemns the launching process, through technology which is used to manufacture ballistic missiles, especially intercontinental missiles, Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Anies von der Mole told reporters on the Internet.

Von der Mole said that Iran recently revealed a ballistic missile with a range of 500 km.

Von der Mole considered: Iran is prohibited from carrying out activities related to ballistic missiles that can carry nuclear warheads, in deference to its obligations within the framework of Security Council Resolution 2231.

Iran announced, yesterday, Sunday, the failure to deliver the satellite Zafar to its orbit around the Earth.

Spokesman for space affairs in the Iranian Ministry of Defense Ahmad Hosseini said: The delivery of the Zafar satellite to the required orbit was not successful.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency