French official warns of multiple risks amid legislative elections results

French Minister of Economic and Finance Bruno Le Maire warned, on Monday, of a financial and an economic crisis in France following the advance of the leftist party in the legislative elections.

Minister Bruno Le Maire stated on platform (X) – previously known as Twitter – that the political situation in France results in multiple risks, the most immediate risk was a “financial crisis and France’s economic decline”.

“The application of the New Popular Front’s program of rupture would destroy the results of the policy that we have pursued for seven years and which has given France work, attractiveness and factories,” he said.

Another risk, Le Maire said, was an “ideological fracture of the nation” that must be prevented by all means, he stressed the importance of providing answers to respond to the “anger and legitimate concerns” of citizens, in particular the 10 million who voted for the National Rally.

“We must act differently. We must listen, hear, respond without delay, involving all the forces of the
nation,” he added.

The minister praised the choice of French citizens, who went to the polls on Sunday to prevent the far-right from coming to power and congratulated all elected officials.

Source: Kuwait News Agency