German Foreign Minister in Tehran to Salvage Nuclear Deal

Tehran, German Foreign Minister Haikou Mas has

called on the Iranian government to maintain the nuclear agreement

reached in 2015 and “not to link the adherence to the nuclear deal

solely for economic reasons.”

“We know that the economic benefits that Iran has had to hope for

through this deal are difficult to achieve in this scope without the

Americans, but I think there are also political and strategic interests to

maintain this deal and dialogue with Europe, and this must be

recognized by Tehran,” Mas was quoted as saying by the German

news agency.

The German minister said that during his visit to Tehran, he intends

to address the role of Iran in the region, especially related to the

conflict in Syria and Yemen in addition to its missile program.

“This is not going to happen without talking about the role of (Iran) in

the region,” Mas said, stressing the importance of the nuclear deal for

Europe as “it does not want Iran to have nuclear weapons.”

The German official appealed to the countries of the region to sit

down at the dialogue table, saying “there are initiatives that we support

in this direction.”

It is worth mentioning that the German Foreign Minister will hold

talks later in Tehran in an attempt to salvage the nuclear deal to

prevent Tehran from building an arsenal of nuclear weapons, although

the deal could collapse after the withdrawal of the United States. He

will also meet his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Jawad Zarif and

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Source: Oman News Agency