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Government Communication Centre Holds its 23rd Gathering

Government Communication Centre Holds its 23rd Gathering

Muscat: The Government Communication Centre today held its 23rd gathering with communication and media departments of various government units.

The gathering discussed prominent strategic projects and events which were dealt with by the centre in cooperation with government units during the previous period.

Moreover, the event highlighted the results of a study prepared by the centre on diagnosing the current situation of communication and media. The study also assessed the role of communication and media departments, their purviews and operations and their effects on the interaction with audiences.

Further, the event reviewed the objectives of the study in analyzing the current situation and identifying points of strength and challenges facing these departments.

The gathering also touched on the efforts of the Ministry of Information, represented by the Government Communication Centre and the Media Training Centre in empowering employees of communication and media departments in government units through
the implementation of specialized training programmes.

Source: Oman News Agency