HAI provides assistance to Palestinians

HAI provides assistance to Palestinians
2013-01-22 11:58:17

WAM Jerusalem, Jan 22nd 2013 (WAM) — UAE Humanitarian Appeal International (HAI) has provided urgent assistance to Palestinian families, whose homes were washed away by the flash floods caused by heavy rains and strong winds sweeping the region.

Ibrahim Rashid, Director of HAI Office in West Bank said: ” Our teams have distributed furniture, electronic and cooking items in the flood-battered areas in Tulkarem to enable affectees resume their routine life.” He pointed that the HAI’s efforts come in the framework of the ”We are With You” Campaign which patronized orphans who lost their parents in floods or house burning, affirming that relief is provided in the shape of food parcels, covers, and hiring temporary houses for homeless people.

He added that UAE HAI has launched the drive since the beginning of the stormy weather that hit the Palestinian territories and helped hundreds of families affected by the floods in the towns, villages and refugee camps.

Tulkarem Governor and other Palestinian officials hailed the continuous UAE efforts in supporting the affectees in particularly the distinguished role of the HAI in furnishing flood-affected houses.

He referred that HAI has patronized 500 orphans in Tulkarem out of a total 20000 orphans in Palestine.