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Hamas announces a new decision regarding its negotiating strategy with Israel

Hamas announces a new decision regarding its negotiating strategy with Israel

Gaza – Ma’an – The Hamas movement announced that it intends to hold consultations with the Palestinian factions to review its negotiating strategy, in light of the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s rejection of the mediators’ proposals in the ceasefire negotiations in the Gaza Strip and the exchange of prisoners.

A Hamas statement said: ‘Israel’s rejection of the mediators’ proposal, through the amendments it made to it, brought things back to square one. Also, the enemy army’s attack on Rafah and the occupation of the crossing directly after Hamas announced its approval of the mediators’ proposal confirms that the occupation “He evades reaching an agreement.”

The statement added, “Netanyahu and his extremist government are using the negotiations as a cover to attack Rafah and occupy the crossing, and continue the war of extermination against our people, and they bear full responsibility for obstructing reaching an agreement.”

The movement announced in its statement, ‘In light of Ne
tanyahu’s behavior, his rejection of the mediators’ card, the attack on Rafah, and the occupation of the crossing, the movement’s leadership will hold consultations with the brothers leaders of the Palestinian resistance factions in order to reconsider our negotiating strategy.’

In a related context, the War Council and the security mini-ministerial council (cabinet) in Israel agreed to expand the scope of the military operation in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, and renew the mandate of the negotiating team in prisoner exchange talks with Hamas.

Source: Maan News Agency