Hamas: Netanyahu is putting more obstacles in the way of negotiations while we are offering flexibility

Gaza – Ma’an – Hamas accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of placing obstacles in the way of negotiations, while the movement is showing flexibility and positivity in this regard.

The movement said in a statement on Monday that while “Hamas is offering flexibility and positivity to facilitate reaching an agreement to stop the Zionist aggression, Netanyahu is placing more obstacles in the way of negotiations, escalating his aggression and crimes against our people, and persisting in attempts to forcibly displace them in order to thwart all efforts to reach an agreement.”

The movement called on “mediators to intervene to put an end to Netanyahu’s tricks and crimes,” and directed a request “to the international community and the United Nations to stand up to their legal and humanitarian responsibilities and pressure to stop the crime of genocide that our people are being subjected to, and to hold the leaders of the occupation accountable for their crimes.”

She added that the Israeli army continue
s to persist in its “ongoing war of extermination against our Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip for more than nine months,” noting that “the fascist occupation government defies all international laws and treaties.”

Hamas stressed in its statement that “the arrogant enemy, which practices the most heinous forms of aggression and violations against defenseless civilians, with the support of the American administration complicit with it, will not succeed in subjugating our steadfast people, no matter how much it escalates its crimes, and that our valiant resistance will continue its heroic confrontation with its fascist forces, until the aggression is broken and expelled from our land.”

She also called on the Palestinian people to “beware of the enemy army’s plots, and not to fall prey to the psychological warfare waged by Netanyahu and his army,” stressing that “our people will not be fooled by these attempts, and will thwart them as they thwarted all previous attempts.”

Source: Maan News Agency