Hamas: Soldiers’ confessions about brutal behavior in Gaza require follow-up by international criminal courts

Gaza – Ma’an – Hamas said that the confessions of the occupation soldiers that were published about their brutal behavior in the Gaza Strip, and what they confirmed about the green light they were given by the leaders of the occupation army to commit the most heinous crimes, such as shooting at unarmed civilians and burning and destroying homes, for the sake of entertainment and to fill the void; is an official and documented admission of the commission of systematic war crimes in the Strip, which requires serious follow-up by the Public Prosecution Office in the International Criminal Court.

The movement stressed that these “criminal practices that make defenceless civilians, including children, women and elderly, targets for entertainment are a stain on the brow of humanity and the international community, which is still unable to activate mechanisms of deterrence and punishment against the fascist occupation government that is out of control, and which has violated all international laws and treaties duri
ng nine months of aggression, as part of the comprehensive war of extermination that it is waging against our Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.”

Source: Maan News Agency