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Hamdan participates in the activities of ‘Azerbaijani Shusha – Capital of Islamic Culture for 2024’

Hamdan participates in the activities of ‘Azerbaijani Shusha – Capital of Islamic Culture for 2024’

Shusha – Together – Palestinian Minister of Culture Imad Hamdan participated in the activities of ‘Shusha – Capital of Islamic Culture for 2024’, where he met with his counterparts from Islamic and Arab countries in a series of meetings aimed at enhancing joint cultural cooperation.

During the forum, Minister Hamdan emphasized that Jerusalem remains the permanent capital of Islamic and Arab culture, noting that protecting Jerusalem and the Palestinian identity must remain a priority in light of the critical challenges it faces, including ongoing attempts to erase its identity.

Hamdan also referred to the situation in Gaza, speaking about the devastation caused to the Palestinian cultural sector as a result of the ongoing war. He pointed to the martyrdom of dozens of Palestinian cultural figures, stressing the necessity of ending the war immediately so that they can rebuild and rebuild what was destroyed and provide what the Palestinians need in light of the difficult circumstances they are going through in

He added: “We must work together to ensure that the future of culture in Palestine is protected and prosperous. Considering that this is the responsibility of everyone who believes in justice and cultural freedom, and also the responsibility of the international community.

Minister Hamdan concluded his participation by calling on the international community and the Arab and Islamic countries to strengthen their support for Palestine, and for Jerusalem and Gaza in particular. In the face of the challenges that beset it, calling for unified efforts to protect Palestinian culture and identity, which faces increasing threats.

Source: Maan News Agency