Head of Hajj Mission: Hajj Season Most Organized

Mena, October 27 (QNA) -Head of the Hajj Mission Abdul Hakim Ali Abdallah described the current pilgrimage season as the most organized and flexible with  less difficulties and cost compared to previous seasons, noting that  there have been no case of  epidemic diseases nor deaths among the pilgrims due to stampede or congestion.
 In an interview with Qatar News Agency (QNA) today on the general scene after most of the pilgrims performed the last ritual of hajj, tawaf al-ifadha (final obligatory circumambulation of  the Kaaba),  pilgrims of 12 Qatari contractors, who organized hajj services this season, performed the various rituals off hajj in  satisfactory conditions coupled with a sense of responsibility and good behavior.
 He stressed that the health conditions of Qatari pilgrims are very reassuring, with some exceptions such as cases of  flu, high sugar or blood pressure, pointing out that the mission has made all the preparations for the worst and has furnished  clinics in Mena and Arafat and equipped clinic for the first time this year in Muzdalifah.
 While viewing the season as successful in general in terms of preparations and organization, Al-Abdullah showed  some remarks which he stressed that they will not change the overall picture, such as delay of the  train in Muzdalifah for about 4 to 6 hours , as well as some meals which  the Control and Inspection Commission noticed their non-compliance with the terms of the quality of the health committee.
 He stressed that the Qatari pilgrims return plan to Doha is complete and ready, adding that the committee has coordinated with the Consulate General of the State of Qatar in Jeddah, Qatar Airways and land outlets to avoid any obstacles or difficulties that may arise during the return plan.(QNA)

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