Health Ministry Promotes Prevention Strategy

Muscat, As a precautionary step to promote public health to ensure a healthy and stable life, the health institutions in the Sultanate have recently implemented the health promotion strategy “prevention”.


The “prevention” project aims to highlight the frequent health problems in the society by conducting research and surveys.


Dr. Nawal Ali al-Rashdi, Director of Education and Health Awareness Programs in the Ministry of Health (MOH) pointed out that the health promotion concept is including all health aspects of the individual’s life and his family and community. It also strengthens the community partnership between all sectors to cooperate in solving all health problems.


Al-Rashdi added that the target groups, participants covered by the study, identifying the tasks for each participant, development of indicators measuring interventions, as well as the specified period of time for intervention are being made by studying the indicators in the health institution and through opinion surveys of health workers and the conclusions that help to determine the health problem.


In addition, the Director of Education and Health Awareness Programs clarified that writing the goals of the health workers who wish to achieve when solving the problem whether in a short or long term comes after determining the health problem.


Furthermore, Dr. Nawal stressed that there will be a periodic follow-up to measure the work progress based on what has been achieved through the indicators and the success of the suggested interventions.


Source: Oman News Agency