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Heritage Festival simulates ancient sea journey at Sur

Heritage Festival simulates ancient sea journey at Sur

Muscat: The activities of the Maritime Heritage Festival in the Wilayat of Sur in the Governorate of South Al Sharqiyah embody the historical human relationship with the sea. The festival tries to simulate the ancient journey of the sailors and merchants.

The simulation action among the festival activities highlighted the historical role of Wilayat Sur as a commercial centre in the past and present, as well as considered a memorial site and technical knowledge in shipbuilding, sea arts, and the voyages of Omani ships to and from Omani ports.

The simulation included highlighting the paths of ships and the goods that were transported along each path in accordance with the demands of the market in the past.

Ahmed bin Muslim Al-Alawi, the kin of one of the most famous captains of the Omani ships in Sur city, described the ancient maritime trade routes in Sur by telling the story of the sailing of (the Al Boum ship), which sailed on a moonlit night sky in the month of August. The ship was loaded with Al-Jandal wood imported from Africa, in addition to some local materials of dried dates and lemon.

Ali bin Khamis Al-Alawi, said that the camels come from Wilayat of Jaalan Bani Bu Ali and Jaalan Bani Bu Hassan from the north of Al Sharqiyah, they were loaded with lemons and nuts, while some families were used to travel through Sur port to East Africa to seek a new livelihood at that time.

Juma Al-Alawi said: “After the departure of the loaded ships with goods heading to their destination, there was the (Houri Al-Abra) a local boat, through which people were transported from Al-Aija to Al-Batah and brought the people to the market and then returned with their daily needs.

The stimulation action also included showing women, and housewives, washing clothes and utensils at the seashore, as well as bringing water from the sea for washing purposes.

These scenarios were really amazing and beautiful scenes.

Source: Times of Oman