HH The Honourable Lady greets teachers

Muscat: HH The Honourable Lady Assayida Ahd Abdullah Hamed Al Busaidi, Spouse of the Sultan of Oman, addressed a message of greetings to teachers on the Teachers’ Day, which falls on 24 February every year.

The greetings read as follows:

“Over the course of time and throughout the ages, a teacher was, and still is, a symbol of enlightenment, the carrier of the flame that illuminates the paths of progress. Teachers constitute the cornerstone in every edifice of civilization.

While our country celebrates Omani Teacher’s Day tomorrow, we are delighted to express our congratulations and gratitude to every male and female teacher in our dear homeland for the sincere efforts that they exert in the upbringing of our children, arming them with lofty human values and worthwhile knowledge.

“A teacher carries a valuable message and bears a great responsibility. Teachers take the credit for grooming generations of young minds, instilling in them the love of the homeland and its leader. Hence, they effectively contribute to the advancement of the country, so that it could enjoy continuous growth and prosperity.

Teachers! you are the pillars of the nation and its best messengers.”

Source: Times of Oman