Higher Judicial Institute Organizes Seminar on Medical Error

Nizwa, A seminar on “the medical malpractice

from judicial perspective” was organized at the Higher Judicial Institute

today under the patronage of Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed al Saeedi,

Minister of Health, in the presence of Sheikh Abdulmalik bin Abdullah

al Khalili, Minister of Justice, Chairman of the Higher Judicial Institute.

The seminar targeted judges, prosecutors, academics, doctors,

members of the Supreme Medical Committee of the Sultanate, the

Oman Medical Association and the medical support groups.

It aimed at introducing the Sharia and legal rules for practicing the

medical profession, defining the concept of medical malpractice,

focusing on obligations in medical work, determining the legal nature of

medical obligations, clarifying the legal responsibility for medical

malpractice and highlighting the role of non-judicial parties in medical

liability cases.

The seminar included six working papers on three main themes.

The first theme dealt with the concept of medical malpractice in Islamic

Sharia. The second theme entitled medical malpractice from the

perspective of medical scientists. The third theme addressed the legal

liability for medical malpractice.

Source: Oman News Agency