HM King’s support has enabled Bahraini press to enhance its national role: Information Minister

Information Minister, Dr. Ramzan bin Abdulla Al-Nuaimi, has affirmed that His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa’s unwavering support and care have provided the Bahraini press with a wider scope of freedom and openness, on foundations that uphold the value of the honest and responsible word, and consolidate its role in serving the kingdom.

The minister also asserted that the support of His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince and Prime Minister, has enhanced the influence of the Bahraini press, as an active and essential partner in the kingdom’s comprehensive development process, which is adopted and implemented by the government, led by HRH under the royal directives, and within a framework that keeps pace with the democratic development in the Kingdom and respects the principles of freedoms, as well as the state of law and institutions.

Dr. Al-Noaimi made the statements marking the World Press Freedom Day, which is observed worldwide every May 3, and the Bahrain Press Day, which is celebrated every May 7.

The Information Minister congratulated the media and press community in the Kingdom on this occasion, wishing them continued success in carrying out their noble and sincere mission of serving the nation.

The minister affirmed that over decades, the press in Bahrain has shown a distinguished commitment to national fundamentals, expressing the aspirations of the kingdom and its citizens, by adhering to the honour and honesty of the word and its impact on raising public opinion awareness.

In this regard, Dr. Al-Noimi said: “We are proud of our national press, which has been able, through the dedication of the successive generations, to lay solid foundations for a Bahraini journalistic school with a unique character, emanating from respect for the authentic Bahraini identity, customs and traditions, as well as the adherence to the noble ethics of the press profession and its enlightening role.”

The Information Minister paid tribute to the Bahrain press pioneers for their creativity and sincere patriotic giving over the years, paving the way for successive generations to continue their march, putting the interests of the nation at the forefront of priorities, and adhering to the approach of the Kingdom in supporting peace, love and fraternity, as common human values that are indispensable for the development of humanity.

The minister appreciated the contributions of the Bahraini press competencies, particularly youth, citing their keen interest in developing themselves and their tools to keep pace with developments in the media and press arenas at the global level, enabling the Bahraini press to maintain its leading role, regionally and globally.

He stressed that the celebration of the World Press Freedom Day and the Bahrain Press Day provides an important opportunity to highlight the distinguished achievements of the press in the Kingdom, and the pioneering steps it has taken to contribute to the nation-building process.

He prayed to Allah the Almighty to protect the kingdom and bless it with ever-lasting progress, prosperity, security and stability, under HM the King’s leadership.

Source: Bahrain News Agency